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49 000 EUR

Régi ár: 48 000 EUR


HSZ: 2471038 - Albania, Tirana
Category for sale Type apartman Area 49 m2 Bedrooms 1
We offer for sale several beachfront apartments in a newly built condominium near Durres.

All properties are newly built or are still under construction. They are delivered as standard, with the necessary coverings, a bathroom with sanitary ware and a kitchenette without kitchen furniture.
The customer can immediately order the kitchen furniture, the air conditioning, and the complete furniture on site based on their individual needs.
The complete furnishing together with the kitchen furniture can be arranged for less than 4,000 EUR.
The apartments differ in floors and views. Depending on this, the price also varies, ranging from EUR 1,000 to EUR 1,300 per square meter.

Additional apartments are available in the building, on different floors, in several sizes, with various views:
- apartment 1 + 1, 61 m2, with 8 m2 balcony
- apartment 1 + 1, 57 m2, with 8 m2 balcony
- apartment 1 + 1, 49 m2, with 7 m2 balcony
- apartment 1 + 1, 52 m2, with 7 m2 balcony
- apartment 1 + 1, 48 m2, with 6 m2 balcony
- apartment 1 + 1, 56 m2, with 8 m2 balcony
- apartment 1 + 1, 66 m2, with 9 m2 balcony
- studio 36 m2

The apartments have a partial sea view.
Garage can be requested and purchased separately.
The floor plans for each variation are also available on the "Floor Plan" tab.


Price:49 000 EUR
Category:for sale
County:Albania, Tirana
Floor:1st floor
Area:49 m2
Erkély/terasz összmérete:7 m2
Condition:newly built
Tenger távolsága:60 m
Extrák:klíma, medence

Helyiségek Garázs, műhely, melléképület
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