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Client support for sellers

Do you want to sell your Albanian property?

Our goal is to help sellers and buyers meet. We are at your disposal if you want to sell your property in Albania!

Apart from the newly-built properties we offer, our colleagues are also there for you with their best knowledge and experience to support the resale of properties too! If you want to sell your Albanian property and commission us, we offer the following services.

  • We survey the property, and ask for photos, floor-plan and video or we make those ourselves;
  • By surveying the actual property market in the given region we make a sale price estimation for your property;
  • Checking the property against our existing buyer demands;
  • Also checking it against the demands of our partners;
  • Advertising it on our website ;
  • Advertising on the websites of our partners;
  • Advertising on various other property portals and websites;
  • Launching advertisements in foreign languages on foreign portals as necessary;
  • Welcome potential buyers in our office and present the property to them;
  • Filtering the contacts according to your demands and forward only real, potential buyers to you;
  • On demand we offer legal consultation;
  • We work with a property until the purchase price is paid in full;
  • We work for our client, the seller of the property and represent his/her interests.
  • Our work is success-based, so we only ask for our success fee in case of a closed deal!
  • We provide foreign buyer representation in Albania and complete support during the whole sales deal, managing every aspect of it (optional, on seperate account);

Working as a team with partners is useful and profitable, since we can help each other in several ways, complement the skills we possess and motivate each other.

Besides selling our existing property portfolio we also aim to reduce the time requirement of finding buyers, offering full-value service to our sellers and buyers as well as our business partners.

The Greale Team has formed a partner-circle to expedite the sale and resale of properties and provide fair and valuable service to real buyers.

When commissioned with selling a property the advertisement appears very soon in the selection of dozens of agents, multiplying the chance of realizing a deal.